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Program Update

Latest Update

September 18, 2020

Hello Parents / Guardians,


As we move forward through the fall of Covid-19 we wish everyone a safe and prosperous return to both school and somewhat normality in your daily lives. As we still wait for the Province and our Governing Body (Greater Toronto Hockey League) to confirm a tentative start date of October 13th, below is the estimated costs for this season.


Little Raiders: $275.00  
Initiation: $330.00          
Under 10 to 13: $340.00 
Under 14 to 19: $355.00 

Payment structure is still to be determined however the first instalment will be due on November 30 with remaining payments due as we progress through the season. Once the program is operating every player will be responsible to complete payments in the scheduled time frame. For this season only no payment will be made until the time period is completed however each player is committed to the entire program once started. Hopefully by structuring payments this way we can alleviate some of the financial strain to our families. As well, if in fact we need to step back or a possible cancellation occurs, parents will only be responsible for the time the program was operating. 

As of June 1, 2020, our Online Registration link has been open at:                    

Below are some important notes you should read prior to registering in the S.H.A. Hockey Club (Scarborough Ice Raiders) Program. It is the sole purpose of this organization to provide a not for profit community-based program that works on a cost recovery basis that provides an equal opportunity for the entire community. For those families that have taken the time to register, it is also important to read the updates to have a better knowledge of how this program will be operated for the 2020/2021 season. If after reading this note should you decide not to continue into the program please email to cancel registration.

Our Governing Bodies, as well as the Provincial Government, have given us a tentative start date of October 13th to provide programming for our playing members. This of course will be dependent on the Provincial guidelines regarding a possible increase in Covid-19 numbers.

Below is a list of recommendations from both our Governing bodies and the City of Toronto regarding procedures for this hockey season.

Environment and Expectations

  • Arrive at the facility at a designated time for the hockey-related activity. Do not arrive early.
  • Leave the facility immediately following the hockey-related activity. Do not stay beyond the designated time.
  • Physical distancing of two (2) metres (six feet) will be maintained before, during, and after hockey related activities, except where otherwise stated in the Hockey Canada Safety Guidelines and/or the Ontario Hockey Federation Return to Hockey Framework.
  • We recommend only one parent or caregiver accompany a player to a hockey-related activity.
  • We encourage parents and guardians of players at levels U13 and above to not enter the facility unless necessary. They should only drop their players off and pick them up.
  • We encourage hockey-related activities (including parent meetings and administrative procedures like registration) be conducted electronically. Weather permitting, meetings should be held outside. If that is not possible, these activities must be done in such a way to maintain physical distancing as much as possible, and in groups not exceeding 10 individuals.
  • Carpooling is discouraged. If carpooling cannot be avoided, it is strongly recommended that all passengers wear a mask or face covering while in the vehicle.


  • Water bottles must be filled at home and labeled with the name of the player. The sharing of water bottles is prohibited.
  • The sharing of hockey equipment is prohibited unless it is goaltender equipment at the house league level which has been properly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Where possible, players and Team Officials should plan to arrive and depart the facility dressed in their hockey equipment.
  • While on the ice, players and Team Officials must always leave their helmet and gloves on. 
  • Face masks must be worn at all times by players and Team Officials. Players can remove their face masks during physical activity.
  • To limit touchpoints during and after hockey-related activities, Team Officials should keep, distribute, and collect each piece of on-ice equipment that belongs to their team (e.g.: coaching whiteboard, cones, pucks).
  • Team Officials responsibilities include:  Minimizing gatherings while instructing from the whiteboard, and keeping participants physically distanced as much as possible.

As well as those recommendations from the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL) we will also in the near future receive the City of Toronto recommendations which could include that ALL players come dressed to hockey functions as Dressing Room access might be limited. Protocol on entering and exiting the facility will also be highlighted by the City.

As for the S.H.A. Hockey Club, it has been determined that to help alleviate the possibility of spread of Covid-19 your program for this season will only be a once a week event. All the age groups will be Skating Skills at start-up and when the GTHL protocol allows we will then make up teams of players between 7 players and 10 players in bubbles consisting of a maximum of 40 players. At this stage we will play either 3 on 3 or 4 on 4 hockey for the remainder of the season. Depending on ice allocation, we will have a short warmup (Skating Skills) followed by the games weekly.

Little Raiders (Hockey School): Once a week on Saturday morning with a maximum of 15 children in each hour, unless of course it is determined that the number is to be less than 15 by our Governing Bodies and the Government of Ontario.

House League: It has been determined to help with Social Distancing and enhance our ability to follow the Provincial Guidelines, we will have a maximum of 10 players per team, unless of course it is determined that the number is to be less than 20 per ice pad by our Governing Bodies and the Government of Ontario. We will operate a system of having 1 goaltender and 2 lines, which means every player will be on every other shift. The attendance weekly and age group will determine if it is 4 on 4 or 3 on 3 hockey or any equal combination of the above.  Under 6 through Under 9 will still follow the guidelines of the Initiation Program which could result in smaller teams with modified ice rules in effect.

Select Program: Teams will be formed without try-outs to a maximum of 20 players per team with, at this point, weekly practices and no game opportunities. A list of Coaches is available on our website in the Select Program section. There will be an additional charge if participating in the Select Program.

Competitive A and AA Program: At this time there is no Competitive Program in the G.T.H.L. until further notice. We will operate a 3 on 3 Program involving only Competitive players. This will only take place until the Competitive division in the G.T.H.L. possibly begins later this season when a start up date is determined by both our Governing Bodies and the Government of Ontario.

Cost of all above Programs: The cost of all the above programs, as always, will simply be the total cost to run the program, divided by total players in the Division. As always, the cost will be discounted 15% as the S.H.A. Hockey Club (Scarborough Ice Raiders) continues to subsidize all programing.

Returning players from the Scarborough Ice Raider House League Program who played in the 2019/2020 season will receive a $50.00 discount to compensate for the early closure last year.

To alleviate as much financial burden as possible to our families at this time, when registering you will not pay a deposit until the program is determined.

Once the length and detail of the program is determined, the final price will be set.  Once the costs are established, parents will have the ability to split the cost into equal payments over the course of the season.  When we are ready for this stage we will send detailed instructions.

New Registrations: For our new families the same process will be followed for registration as above with Program Information details found at .

Goaltenders: Goaltenders registration will be available online.  If you are registering a goaltender and the goaltender option is not displayed for the age group in question, email with the full name and date of birth of the child.  The registrar will confirm if there are still goaltender spots available, or advise if the player can be added to a wait list.

Little Raiders (Hockey School): All players born in 2016, 2017 will be placed in the Little Raider Program. Players born in 2014, 2015 will not have an option for this program as the H.C.R. (Hockey Canada Registry) does not allow multiple options for the same age group. If you wish to have your child in this program, please register them in the option available in the system then email and our registrar will change the registration of your child to Little Raider in the system.

Coaches: As always, we are also looking to confirm Coaches for the upcoming season, if interested please email and I will contact you directly to place in the Division you are interested in coaching.

Seasonal Awards: As stated previously, when we are available to meet, the awards from the 2019 / 2020 season will be made available.  A separate email will be sent out when this is available.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at and I will attempt to answer them in a timely fashion with the information that we have been provided with to date.

Ed Wahl
SHA Hockey Club / Scarborough Ice Raiders


Ontario Hockey Federation Statement

June 4, 2020

Today, Hockey Canada has released its Return to Hockey Safety Guidelines. In addition, the Hockey Canada Board of Directors have announced that Members may resume sanctioned activities where appropriate, in accordance with government and health authority directives, and Hockey Canada’s Return to Hockey safety protocol.

Within the Return to Hockey Safety Guidelines, Hockey Canada has provided information on how to prepare your league/association for a return to hockey, hygiene, return-to-play protocols and the use of facilities. Hockey Canada’s Return to Hockey Safety Guidelines can be found here: Safety and Protocols

The Ontario Hockey Federation is encouraged by this announcement and will be releasing its Return to Hockey Plan on Monday, June 8. This Return to Hockey Plan will be shared through e-mail communication from OHF associated organizations and will live here: Return to Hockey – COVID-19 Response


Hockey Canada Statement on Return to Hockey in Canada

June 4, 2020

CALGARY, Alta. – The following is a statement on behalf of Hockey Canada from Tom Renney, chief executive officer, and Scott Smith, president and chief operating officer, on the return-to-hockey process in Canada.

On March 12, the decision was made to cancel all Hockey Canada-sanctioned activities across the country. This was a difficult decision, but one made to maintain the health and safety of all participants and the general public amid growing concerns around the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Currently there are no Hockey Canada-sanctioned activities being conducted, and we are working with our Members on their return-to-hockey plans. After ongoing discussions with the board of directors, our chief medical officer, the 13 Members and public health authorities across the country, it has been determined that the best approach for a return to hockey in Canada is to allow each Member the opportunity to work with authorities in their respective regions to determine when it is safe to return to the ice in areas that fall under their jurisdiction. We expect the timing of each Member’s return to hockey will be different, but will be based on the advice of their government and public health authority.

It is imperative to note that we are not ready to return to the game across the country. As we have seen in respect to flattening the curve, the impact of the pandemic varies from region to region. Permitting our Members the opportunity to decide on an appropriate return-to-hockey timeline will allow them to work directly with public health authorities to determine when it is safe to return while also implementing specific safety measures and rules within their associations and leagues.

Hockey Canada knows the game will look quite different, and the return will happen at different speeds and at different times across the country. Be assured, we continue to work on our multi-faceted return-to-hockey plan that includes health and safety regulations, communications and seasonal structure. As with so many people across the country, we look forward to returning to the game when it is safe to do so, and we will support our 13 Members as we continue to work towards getting back on the ice.”

For more information on the Return to Hockey plan, please visit


Hockey Canada - An Open Letter to Canadians

May 14, 2020

First, and most importantly, to the front-line and essential workers who have gone above and beyond around the clock to keep Canadians safe – a simple thank you is not nearly enough for what you have done over the last three months.

Second, to our Members, partners, local hockey associations, volunteers and fans across Canada, thank you for keeping the spirit of hockey alive. Unprecedented times have called for unprecedented efforts at every level of the game.

As provinces and territories phase in a plan to reopen in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are questions about when hockey will return, and how it will look when it does.

Hockey Canada and its Members are diligently working on a multifaceted return-to-hockey plan that will happen when, and only when, provincial and territorial governments and health authorities deem it safe to do so.

This plan includes everything from health and safety regulations to communications, seasonal structure, customer engagement and national teams. 


MLSE Camp at Home

Below are some links to some fun exercises that our young playing members and their siblings may be interested in doing during their time inside. Our friend Greg Schell form Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment has designed these to help keep our players active during this time.

MLSE Camp at Home

Camp at Home MLSE - Indoor Skating

Camp at Home MLSE - All in the Wrist

Camp at Home MLSE - Control

Camp at Home MLSE - Push Pull


League Updates

April 1, 2020
Hello Parents / Guardians,

As I write this note we are hopeful that all our families and their extended families are coping well and staying healthy while practicing social distancing during these trying times.

Your Board of Directors at the S.H.A. Hockey Club (Scarborough Ice Raiders) are attempting to proceed with designing a program that will hopefully help us return to normal for the 2020 / 2021 season for all our playing members. We do realize and certainly agree this is not the time to worry about registering.  At this point in time we have no idea when it will be deemed safe enough for us to meet.

We are in the process of setting up our on-line registration and are investigating the best way to make this easy for both our returning families and new registrants. Although as of now the HCR (Hockey Canada Registry) is available to go live on April 13, 2020 we as an organization have chosen to wait until June 1, 2020 to explore all options available to ease the financial burden upon our families. It is our intention not to have any players turned away that register prior to October 1, 2020.

In regards to 2019 / 2020 Seasonal Awards for our playing members they will be available at the League Office when it is deemed safe enough for us to open and meet. A notice will be sent with dates and times for pickup.

Below is the set registration rates for returning players that takes into account the loss of playing time this past spring and the rates for new players joining our program.

Little Raiders
(Hockey School)
2017-2014 $310.00 $350.00
Initiation Program
(5 - 8 year olds)
2015-2012 $425.00 $475.00
Under 10 through Under 15
(Atom - Bantam)
2011-2006 $535.00 $595.00
Under 16 through Under 21 2005-2000 $500.00 $540.00

These prices are again designed to provide the same programing as in the past including Skating Skills / Goalie Skills, weekly practices from Initiation though Bantam. Weekly games Under 10 Program and above, scrimmages starting in November for the Initiation Program with the Little Raiders Programming on Saturday mornings.

Any player from our House League Program (2019 / 2020) season that registers with the Scarborough Ice Raiders Competitive Program will also receive the equivalent in discounts for the Competitive Program.

As soon as more information is available, we will forward it to you all, and also post it on our websites.

Ed Wahl
SHA Hockey Club / Scarborough Ice Raiders


Competitive and Select Coaches - 2020/2021 Season

The following are the coaches and contact information for the Scarborough Ice Raiders Competitive and Select Teams for the upcoming 2020 to 2021 Season.

AA Team Contacts
Tryout times and locations to follow when available


Contact Names and Phone #


9 years


Ryan Martin



10 years


Chris Reid



11 years


Kyle Baker



12 years


Stephen McCaul



13 years


Kelvin Kerr




Program Details

As in any program operated within City facilities game and practice times are subject to change depending on the contracts received in the fall.

Little Raiders: Is a once a week program at the Don Montgomery Community Centre on Saturday mornings that teaches basic skating skills and hockey skills as the season progresses. Program starts in mid October and runs through until the first week in April.

Initiation 5 & 6: Hockey Canada based program that is played “cross ice” during the scrimmages. Players are matched to participate against and with players of the same ability and skill level as much as possible. Program starts the first week of October with “station” practices both on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons until the last week in November. At that time, we then change the Saturdays to “cross ice” scrimmages with Sundays remaining “station” practices until the first week in April. We also have an optional free Skating Skills session on Sunday mornings with this program also taking place at the Don Montgomery Community Centre.

Initiation 7: Hockey Canada based program that is played “modified ice” (100-foot length) during the scrimmages. Players are matched to participate against and with players of the same ability and skill level as much as possible. Program starts the first week of October with “station” practices both on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons until the last week in November. At that time, we then change the Saturdays to “modified ice” scrimmages with Sundays remaining “station” practices until the first week in April. We also have an optional free Skating Skills session on Sunday mornings with this program also taking place at the Don Montgomery Community Centre.

Initiation 8: Hockey Canada based program that starts on “modified ice” for scrimmages until January 15th and then reverts to “full ice” games. Program begins the first of October and takes place on Saturdays around mid day with practices Sunday afternoons until the first week in April. Scrimmages and games take place at the Don Montgomery Community Centre with practices traditionally at the Agincourt Arena. We also have an optional free Skating Skills session on Sunday mornings with this program also taking place at the Don Montgomery Community Centre.

Atom through Bantam: All games are held at the Don Montgomery Community with weekly practices held at either McGregor Park Community Centre or Agincourt Arena. Program starts at the beginning of October and runs through the first week in April.  Atom and Peewee traditionally practice on Friday evenings with games scheduled for Saturday afternoons. Bantams traditionally practice on Monday evenings at Agincourt Arena. We also have an optional free Skating Skills session on Sunday mornings with this program also taking place at the Don Montgomery Community Centre.

Minor Midget through Juvenile: Weekly games (45 minute “stop time”) with no practices. Program start in the first week of October and runs through the first week in April every outing is at the Don Montgomery Community Centre.


Note to Parents

The S.H.A. Hockey Club (Scarborough Ice Raiders) is a Community based program that is operated on a "not for profit", cost recovery system by volunteer Directors, Coaches, Managers and Trainers.

This organization prides itself as being totally inclusive, respectful and able to give every playing member and their families an equal opportunity to succeed. This includes any gender, race or any visible or non visible disability that a playing member may have.
Should any person need help obtaining or meeting our organization's goals, please do not hesitate to inform a Coach, Manager or a Director of the S.H.A. Hockey Club.

As always, I can be reached directly at and will accommodate any requests regarding these issues.

Ed Wahl
S.H.A. Hockey Club
Scarborough Ice Raiders


Rowan`s Law - New OHF Requirements for 2019 - 2020 Season

Hello Parents,

We have been advised by the Ontario Government, Ontario Hockey Federation (O.H.F.) and the Greater Toronto Hockey League (G.T.H.L.)  that prior to any players being eligible to play in the upcoming 2019/2020 season, the information to the left of this note under the sidebar "Roman's Law" MUST be read and shared with your child. Note that there are different documents for each age level so be sure to select and share the appropriate document based on your child's age.  Alternatively, you can also click on the link here to be taken directly to the section.  Rowan`s Law Information and Resources

Please sign and return the attached acknowledgement form to as soon as possible. Remember that this must be received prior to any player participating in the upcoming season.  

Once we received, we will add the signed authorization form to the player's HCR file (Hockey Canada Registry) to complete the obligation to both the O.H.F. (Ontario Hockey Federation) and the G.T.H.L. (Greater Toronto Hockey League).

Ed Wahl
SHA Hockey Club / Scarborough Ice Raiders



S.H.A. Hockey Club Mailing List

Emails and the website are the main line of communication between the League and our playing members.  For those that are interested in joining our mailing list please send an email to and we will ensure that you are added to all future communications.