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League Update

Latest Update

October 3, 2020
Hello Parents / Guardians,

At 2:30 P.M. today the GTHL announced a hold on all sanctioned activities under the Greater Toronto Hockey League jurisdiction until at least January 1, 2021.

The official GTHL press release can be found here:
GTHL Announces Postponement of Sanctioned Activities

What it means directly to our players and family members is simply this:

We will not be offering any Hockey Programming at any level, either on ice or off ice training until the City of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Hockey League deems it safe enough to begin.  All players in every level remain signed and registered to the program for the 2020 / 2021 season.

This basically means in the House League Program that you will not need to register again for January if in fact we proceed at that time. As always should you decide not to continue with registration please send a note to myself at and we will remove your player from registration. Again, should we be fortunate enough to provide programming at that time it will be done on a cost recovery basis, therefore there is no payment due until we determine our ability to provide.

The Select and CDS Programming falls under the umbrella of the House League Program therefore it is operating under the same protocol.

Our Competitive A and AA Teams are signed and ready to operate as well, no releases will be granted and no funds collected until again we determine our ability to provide. All Teams remain as is with the only changes made as per direction from our Governing Body the Greater Toronto Hockey League.

Ed Wahl
SHA Hockey Club / Scarborough Ice Raiders